About Me

Hi, I'm Robert Tweedy, and I'm a computer enthusiast. I enjoy working with computers and learning new things about them as well as solving puzzles/problems through code. I've been using computers since I was very young, my first computer being an IBM-Compatible 286 with a monochrome amber screen, 2 5¼-inch floppy drives, and a boot disk for IBM-DOS 3.10. I learned most of my basic programming skills using Pascal and some C++ in high school, moving on to work with Java and object-oriented programming in college. I'm not that skilled at sports, but I do enjoy bowling. I also enjoy playing computer/video games as well as watching movies.

I'm a fairly soft-spoken person who values my privacy, and I don't really browse or post on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter. The only contact information I'm comfortable with posting on this website is my e-mail address, but I'm willing to provide additional information to anyone who asks and provides a valid reason for requesting it. You may reach me by e-mail at robert@robert-tweedy.com.

About This Site:

This website, robert-tweedy.com, and all its sub-domains are for my own personal use as my personal website. With the exception of providing a brief job history or list of unclassified projects I've worked on, I don't intend to post any details related to my past, present, and future employers, nor will I use my website in such a way that it could be considered a company asset (if I ever start my own, it will have its own website). Instead, I will post things that I find interesting or things related to my non-work life, as well as personal projects I work on in my spare time. If you have any questions or comments, or feel that something on my website is infringing on your trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property, please let me know by e-mail at site@robert-tweedy.com.

Technical details-wise: I originally wrote the site from scratch using a simple text editor, and it remained fairly static since I don't update it often. It amused me when I looked through the site logs and saw people with questionable ethics trying to exploit WordPress security flaws.

Unfortunately, hosting a website where I have complete control over the webserver and the files it contains costs money, and that's a waste since I don't edit this website that often. I've now switched to hosting this site on Blogger because I could set up a site as simple as mine on it for free. Since it's more convenient to make a post than it was to manually edit the HTML files each time, maybe I'll actually update this website more often (probably not...). Honestly, I really just have the domain for the custom email addresses, and I feel like I've got to put something up for web browsers to see.